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This One

At least this t-shirt has colour on it.
It’s still just like all the other t-shirt stores isn’t it?

The Model

T-Shirt Model Mockups

You only have a second or two to capture someone’s attention don’t you?
Think about yourself.
What would capture your attention ?

Or The Video

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Click the video to view what you’re missing.
Which one did you like ?

Some Mockup Examples

Put Your Logo, Image, Slogan,  Wherever You Want.

We can make you a custom image, logo, or slogan if you don’t have one.
If you do have one then just give it to us, and you choose where you want it.

Video Mockups

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Most frequent questions and answers

Contact Us through Messenger so we can have a ‘quick chat’ about what your needs are, what market you’re trying to influence, the colours, etc…. Please have this info ready before you call!

 Paypal is our merchant provider which also accepts credit cards.
We are a ‘Verified’ PayPal Merchant.
You don’t pay until you approve the mockup.

We can, yet that takes more time photoshopping an image, logo, making a transparent background etc… Prices start at $5 per image, logo edit etc… Ask for a quote.

That rarely happens but if it does you haven’t paid for it yet so you’re out nothing. You don’t pay until you approve it.
You get up to 3 edits. If you’ve given us all the info we need we usually get it in 2 edits/revisions.

Nope. You have up to a year to use them.
You can even share them with a friend if they want to use them with your permission of course.

We have so many templates, and videos to offer you that we can’t put them all on this page.
The best thing is to tell us what your needs are, and we’ll match them up

Design w/Image

Images, Logo's, Whatever You Want On
T-Shirts, Computer's/Phones, Posters etc.....
$ 9 each or 5 Images for $35 ($7 EACH)

Short Videos

For Everyone Who Wants To Standout From The Crowd
$ 26 each or (5) Videos for ($19 Each) $95

Custom Jobs

If You Don't See Something You Need, Please Ask. We Can Do A Lot !
$ Quote per job.

“Seriously this one of the  most inexpensive, and best ways I have ever come across to make a difference in my business. It’s a must have for anyone who is serious about  exposure plus getting noticed, and taking it to another level.”

Jesse Molinsky , Social Media Consultant

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