Website Maintenance

You'll Be glad you hired us

it's kinda like car maintenance

but it's for your website

what's involved in

Maintaining a wordpress website?

Who's this for ?

This is for people who don’t have time to learn all of the geeky side of things keeping a website healthy, and running smoothly. 
Focus on what you do best, and let us worry about your sites security, updates, and small minor adjustment included that have to be done.

Here's what you get monthly

  1. It’s only $79/month.
  2. Keeps all your website plugins up-to-date
  3. Run monthly site backups in case your site crashes..
  4. Monitor for broken links & 404 errors. (Can negatively affect your ranking in Google).
  5. 24/7 monitoring for security + malware. Includes installing and configuring a security plugin (Wordfence). 
  6. Monitor your site’s page load time speed. Slow sites are bad.
  7.  You get 30 minutes of development time that must be used that month. (no roll over time to the next month).

Let Us Keep Your Website Running Like A Swiss Watch

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Questions about 6 or 12 month maintenance packages
messenger us.

Need help with serious issues with your website?

Hire Us So You Can Focus On What You Do Best

Starting At Only $79/Month

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