Websites/Domains for Sale

~  ($6,500/offer)                                               ~  ($6,500/offer)

~  ($6,500/offer)                                                   ~  ($6,750/offer)

~  ($6,500/offer)                                                  ~  ($6,750/offer)

~   ($6,500/offer)                                      ~  ($6,750/offer)

~  ($6,500/offer)                                         ~  ($6,750/offer)

~  ($6,500/offer)                         ~  ($6,750/offer)

~    ($6,500/offer)                            ~  ($6,750/offer)

~    ($6,5000/offer)                           ~   ($6,500/offer)

~   ($6,500/offer)                                            ~    ($6,750/offer)

~     ($6,500/offer)                                     ~  ($6,750/offer)


~ A great number of the these Domain Names are HIGHLY sought after.


All of these domains have (Basic) websites on them because I wanted them ALL to be indexed on Google for you. This gives you a head start in the Google rankings The website go with the purchase of the Domain Name!.

If you want you can just buy the domain name, or if you want I can build a custom built website to your specifications; just let me know.

As far as pricing for the websites go, I’ll need to get some information from you as to how simple or complex you want it. Once I have all of the necessary information, I’ll get back with you with a quote. Once you sign an agreement as to what is expected from both parties; the buyer will put a 50% deposit down. Once the website is complete; the other 50% is due BEFORE any files or website and/or domain name is transferred.


~Domain Name (and website if you want it),will be transferred over to you AFTER your payment has cleared my Bank, and not before for any reason (Sorry to be a bit hard, yet the scammers out there these days have ruined it for the good people like yourselves. Thanks for understanding).