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Do you need help with your WordPress Website?
Are you locked out, getting a 404 or other error codes.
Did your website crash after you updated or installed a plugin?
Messenger us now !!

WordPress Help Desk is a Lifesaver

Error Codes ?

Are you getting 404, 501 or any other error codes? They can be scary can’t they? Don’t know how to fix it? Contact Us right away!

Locked Out ?

No worries.
Contact Us, and we’ll have you back inside in no time!

Blank Screen ?

Do you have a blank or white screen?
We can fix that for you.
Just reach out to us.

Website Crashed?

Did your website crash after you did an update or installed a plugin?
Let us get you back up, and running!


Stuck trying to do something on your website, and can’t figure it out?
We’re here to help. Message Us Now!

Other problems ?

What other problems are you having?
We can fix just about anything!
Our services are $120/hr.

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Need Website Maintenance?
It’s only $69/month.

WordPress Help Desk.

Who's it For ?

It’s for people who are non-geeks who want us to figure out what’s wrong with your website, plus make the adjustments that are needed.

If we can’t fix it (highly unlikely) then there’s NO CHARGE !!

 The initial consultation is Free.  We charge $120/hr. We’ll give you a quote to fix your problem before we get started. If we quote too high, and you’ve paid we’ll either credit you towards the next job, or return the difference. You choose. 

We're here for YOU!

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